Freed Souls Coffee: A Story of Passion, Resilience, and Remarkable Coffee


In the autumn of 2021, in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Freed Souls Coffee emerged, a venture born from the boundless spirit of a Mother-Daughter Team. Our journey took flight from a place of profound loss, as we grappled with the loss of a cherished Daughter and Sister.
Seeking solace, we embarked on a transformative mother-daughter retreat to a serene Mexican town. Amidst the lush coffee fields, our souls found serenity. It was on that hallowed ground, at our inaugural coffee farm, that we were irrevocably captivated. Coffee, a longstanding love affair, revealed itself as our true calling, igniting a passion that would ultimately lead us to embark on the journey of starting our own coffee company.
With a unique fusion of our devotion to Coffee and our love of Reptiles, Freed Souls Coffee was conceived.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every cup, crafted solely from specialty coffee beans meticulously sourced from smallholder farms across the globe. Each sip is an experience, meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled flavour. 

At Freed Souls, we believe in more than just coffee; we believe in a coffee that is as individual as a chameleon, each bean possessing a distinctive, unforgettable character.
For us, Coffee is the heartbeat of the world, a universal language that transcends borders. Every individual deserves a sip of this liquid gold, a moment of pure delight in every cup.
Join us in this extraordinary journey, where every sip tells a story. Together, let's celebrate the magic of coffee and the unity it brings to the world. Here's to the pursuit of exceptional taste and the freedom it brings to our souls.


Our mission

At Freed Souls Coffee we focus on sourcing coffee with a story. Every bean embraces a distinctive flavor profile. We put all our efforts into building a consistent, reliable supply of great-tasting coffee beans.