Freed Souls Coffee

Your one in a chameleon speciality coffee roasting company, helping you gecko your act together one cup at a time.

We are committed to providing quality coffee beans.

From the bean on the tree to the roasting process, to being delivered fresh to your coffee cup. Quality and consistency is something we hold close to our hearts. Small batch roasting and ethical sourcing remain on the forefront for us at Freed Souls Coffee.


Coffee berries are typically harvested by a machine or picked by hand. In order to get the beans out, the fruit of the berry needs to be removed and after that the beans need to be processed. There are only two known ways of processing beans - dry processing, which is an older technique and wet processing, which is a more modern technique.

farm to cup

We source our beans from the finest smallholder farms around the world. Our relationships with these farmers are the key to our quality and our quality is the key to your delicious cup of coffee.

Direct Trade Coffee

Direct Trade is more than just a buzzword; it's a commitment to quality, sustainability, and fairness. It's a relationship between coffee growers and roasters that transcends borders and creates a positive impact on the entire coffee ecosystem.


  • SOURCING: Great coffee starts at the source. Which is why we are diligent with our Coffee's quality, traceability and the ethical compliance of the operations we source from.