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    Crock-A-Rock Coasters

    Crock-A-Rock Coasters
    Crock-A-Rock Coasters
    Crock-A-Rock Coasters

    Crock-A-Rock Coasters

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    Introducing our Crock-A-Rock Espresso Coasters, where functionality meets artistry in a delightful neon way.

    Picture this: a captivating scene unfolds on the coaster's surface, showcasing our charismatic crocodile skink model as the star barista, effortlessly pulling a perfect shot of espresso. The coaster's intricate design captures every detail, from the crocodile skink's vibrant scales to the subtle steam rising from the rich, aromatic coffee. The coaster not only serves its practical purpose, protecting surfaces from coffee rings and spills, but it also transforms your coffee break into a visual journey.

    Elevate your tabletop aesthetic with the Crock-A-Rock Espresso Coasters, where the wild meets neon, and every sip is an adventure.


    Handcrafted and made-to-order, our coasters typically take 2-3 business days to create. As each piece is a unique, artisanal work of art, minor variations in colour may appear between items - adding to their charm and individuality.